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* subject to qualification requirement

ECO Scheme

The ECO scheme was set up with the intention of helping households on the lowest incomes to improve their energy efficiency and reduce their energy bills.out by our certified company & Quality Assurance is at the heart of this Scheme.

In October 2018 the Government launched the latest version of the ECO scheme and it now includes even more benefits – meaning more people than ever may be able to qualify.

To Qualify you must be a tenant and in receipt of one of the following benefits to apply:

*If you claim Child Benefit we will need to ask some additional questions to check if you qualify.
The style of property in which you live is also taken in to consideration to, the older and more in-efficient your property is, the more funding it will yield to go towards the grant. If you have a very efficient property, you may need to contribute a small amount to cover the cost of the install.
Finally, you must be on a mains gas, oil or LPG supply. Free Boiler grants are now available to those in off gas areas

This is a Government backed scheme

To learn more about this scheme please visit the GOV website. Where you can read full information about what the energy companies obligations are to provide free boilers.

Do I Qualify

Requirement: If you are a tenant or hmeowner you may qualify for a free boiler.

Under the government’s ECO scheme in 2022, qualifying tenants and homeowners could have their old in-efficient boilers replaced and Installation Installed completely free of charge or heavily subsidised.